13.24.010 – Stealth, Concealment and Design Standards

Every small wireless facility installation shall comply with the following standards:

  1. General Stealth, Concealment and Design Standards: Installations shall comply with any stealth, concealment, design and aesthetic standards applicable to utility installations in the public right-of-way, as set forth in chapter 13. 22 ( Construction of Utility Facilities in the Rights-of-Way) of this code, as well as any written design standards that are generally applicable for decorative utility poles, or reasonable stealth, concealment, design and aesthetic requirements that are otherwise identified by the City in an ordinance, written policy adopted by the City Council, in the City's comprehensive plan, or in a written design plan that applies to other occupiers of the rights-of-way, including on a historic landmark or in a historic district.
  1. Historic Districts and Landmarks: For areas designated as historic districts, or on buildings or structures designated as historic landmarks pursuant to chapter 17.32 Historic Preservation) of      this code, in addition to the stealth, concealment and design requirements referenced above, the following additional restrictions/conditions apply to the installation of small wireless facilities:
  1. Small wireless facilities and wireless support structures shall be comprised of materials that are consistent with the surrounding elements so as to blend architecturally with any buildings or structures designated as historic landmarks or located within a designated historic district, and shall be designed to blend with the surrounding historical landmarks and/or district in design and color.
  1. No ground-mounted equipment enclosures shall be permitted within a designated historic district except as approved by the City as stealth installations.
  1. Small wireless facilities shall be mounted on high mast poles within designated historic district, if available, as opposed to on City-owned ornamental street lights.
  1. Small wireless facilities shall not be mounted upon City-owned ornamental street lights except in cases where the equipment enclosure is concealed within the base of the ornamental street light, and the antenna and its related shroud is incorporated in a seamless enclosure on the top of the ornamental street light, pursuant to applicable City design standards and as approved by the Director of Public Works.
  1. Historic District or Landmark Limitations:
  1. Any stealth, concealment and design standards in a historic district or on a historic landmark, including restrictions on a specific category of utility poles, may not have the effect of prohibiting any provider's technology. Such stealth, concealment and design measures shall not be considered a part of the small wireless facility for purposes of the size restrictions of a small wireless facility.
  1. This subsection shall not be construed to limit the City' s enforcement of historic preservation in conformance with the requirements adopted pursuant to the Illinois State Agency Historic Resources Preservation Act or the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, 54 U. S.C. Section 300101 et seq., and the regulations adopted to implement those laws.
(2018-M-28: § 2)