13.24.002 – Interaction with Other Code Provisions and Laws

A. Other Code Provisions. The provisions of this chapter are intended to supplement general requirements and standards relative to the siting of telecommunication facilities and generally applicable requirements for construction within public rights-of-way set forth elsewhere within this code, including but not limited to the regulations set forth in chapter 13. 22 ( Construction of Utility Facilities in the Rights-of-Way) and chapter 13. 08 ( Electricity). In the event of a conflict, however, the provisions of this chapter shall control in all matters involving small wireless facilities, as defined below.

B.   State and Federal Laws. In the event that applicable federal or State laws or regulations conflict with the requirements of this chapter, a wireless provider shall comply with the requirements of this chapter to the maximum extent possible without violating such federal or State laws or regulations.


(2018-M-28: § 2)