13.24.001 – Purpose

Consistent with the requirements of the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act (Public Act 100-585), and in anticipation of a continued increased demand for placement of small wireless facilities of the type regulated by the Act both within the public rights-of-way and in other locations within the jurisdiction of the City, the City Council has found it to be in the best interests of the public health, safety and general welfare of the City to adopt the code amendments set forth in this chapter in order to establish generally applicable standards for the design, permitting, location, construction, deployment, regulation, operation, maintenance, repair and removal of such small wireless facilities both within the public rights-of-way and in other locations within jurisdiction of the City so as to, among other things:

A.  Prevent interference with the facilities and operations of the City' s electric and other City utilities,    and of other utilities lawfully located both within public rights-of-way and in other locations within the jurisdiction of the City;

B.   Preserve the character of the neighborhoods in which such small wireless facilities are installed;

C.   Minimize any adverse visual impact of small wireless facilities and prevent visual blight in the          neighborhoods in which such facilities are installed;

D.  Ensure the continued safe use and enjoyment of private properties adjacent to small wireless            facilities;

E.   Provide appropriate aesthetic protections to any designated historic landmarks or districts within      the City; and

F.   Ensure that the placement of small wireless facilities does not negatively impact public safety and    the City' s public safety technology.

(2018-M-28: § 2)