13.16.155 – Meters - Temporary Hydrant

Availability.  Temporary hydrant meters are available to all customers upon Water Division approval and making formal application at the Finance Office.  A Water Hydrant Meter Policy applies to the application and rental process.  The policy is available on the City of St. Charles website or from the Finance and Public Works offices.  The following fees are applicable to the rental of meters; one time administrative fee, monthly rental fee, water usage charges, and a security deposit for meter.

Acceptable use of temporary hydrant meters is for the supplying of water to: new construction, new landscaping, filling pools, or temporary hand car wash.  Temporary hydrant meters shall be removed from hydrants daily.  Under no circumstances, shall unattended hydrant meters be installed on hydrants overnight.  Hydrant meters shall be removed when unattended.

(2011-M-39: § 1; 1997-M-100: § 1; 1993-M-25: § 1)