13.16.070 – Tampering with city waterworks or meters prohibited

  1. No person may connect to any public water line, tamper with or remove any meter, registering device or seal placed by the City or insert a meter by-pass without the permission of the Environmental Services Superintendent under penalty provided in Section 13.16.080.
  2. No person shall operate, open or otherwise tamper with any valve, curb stop or other device after the same  has been closed for violation of any rule or regulation of the City Code, or unlawfully secure a supply of water through such valve, curb stop or other device after same has been closed for the violation of any rule or regulation of the City Code, or in any way take water for private use unlawfully or without first having secured the necessary permit from the Building and Zoning Division.
  3. No person shall open, close, adjust or interfere with a fire hydrant, valve, regulator, gauge, gate, curb stop, meter or other regulator, operating a measuring device, or appliance in or attached to the wells, tanks, reservoirs, conduits, pipes, mains, service pipes, house pipes or other pipes or apparatus of the City water supply system, with intent to cause the escape of water or to injure or destroy such property.  No person shall tap, sever, open or make unauthorized connections with a main or pipe used or intended for the transmission of water.  This section does not apply to the agent or employee for the purpose of the owner or operator of the appliances referred to in this section, and does not apply to anything done by or under authority of the Fire Department.
(2006-M-80: § 1; Prior code: § 15.107)