13.16.050 – Connection fees

The fee for each permit allowing connection with the city water systems shall be as follows:

  1. Residential Dwelling Units
    1. Single and multiple family dwelling units.
      Class                   Description                  Sq. Feet         Connection Fee
         1                      Dwelling Unit               Over 1000            $1,350
         2                      Dwelling Unit               Under 1000          $960
         3                      Dwelling Unit               800 Maximum      $850
  2. Other uses
    1. All users other than single or multifamily dwelling units, described in Subsection A above, shall pay a connection fee based upon the estimated daily maximum (i.e., peak) water usage as determined by the City Engineer.  The Building Commissioner and/or City Engineer may require the applicant to provide an estimate certified to by an engineer licensed in the state of Illinois.  The charge per gallon of daily maximum (i.e., peak) water usage for calculating the connection fee is $1.75.  In no case shall the connection fee be less than the charge for a Class 1 dwelling unit.
    2. Once the actual usage begins and it is determined that the actual daily maximum (i.e., peak) water usage is larger than the estimated maximum (i.e., peak) water usage, there will then be an additional fee for the gallons over the original estimated daily maximum (i.e., peak) water usage based on $1.75 per gallon.  There will be no rebates if the actual daily maximum (i.e., peak) water usage falls below the estimated daily maximum (i.e., peak) water usage.
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