13.16.040 – Service connection - Requirements generally

  1. No connections with a water main shall be made without a permit being issued and twenty-four forty-eight hours' notice having been given to the Environmental Services Superintendent.
  2. All such connections shall be made by or under the supervision of the Environmental Services Superintendent.
  3. When the meter is located within a building, type-K copper service pipe shall be installed from the curb box to the meter and shall be at least five feet underground.  No installation shall be covered until it has been inspected by the Building Commissioner or his designee and found to be satisfactory.
  4. No connection shall be made by any person or firm other than a properly licensed State of Illinois plumber bonded in the city, and approved by the Environmental Services Superintendent.  All connections shall be made with a corporation stop, curb stop and curb box of a type approved for use by the Environment Services Superintendent.  Every residential connection to a water main shall be equipped with a dual check valve backflow preventer furnished by the city, the cost of which shall be included in the connection fee.
(2006-M-78: § 1; 1998-M-61: § 1; 1987-M-85: § 1; 1986-M-63: § 3; Prior code: § 13.104)