13.12.900 – Monitoring program by City

The Director of Public Works shall maintain a program of monitoring Industrial User discharges; provided, that any Significant Industrial User shall be monitored no less than twelve times annually and any Industrial User that has a population equivalent, as determined by Section 13.12.810, equal to or greater than one hundred shall be monitored no less than once annually.  All other Industrial Users shall be monitored at such frequency as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Works.  Monitoring shall consist of the taking and testing of grab samples or twenty-four hour composite samples as deemed reasonably necessary by the Director of Public Works for determination of the population equivalent of the industrial User.  The monitoring data collected shall be used to determine the population equivalent in accordance with Section 13.12.810  In the event that a sampling manhole does not exist, the "sampling manhole" shall be considered to be the nearest downstream manhole in the public sewer to the point at which the building sewer is connected, until such time as the sampling manhole has been constructed.  Industrial Users shall be subject to fees for sampling and testing of their discharge as it pertains to the City's monitoring program.

Where required by the City, additional control manholes or sampling chambers shall be provided at the end of each industrial process within an Industrial User's facility suitable for the determination of compliance with pretreatment standards.