13.12.810 – Surcharge to industrial users for discharge of compatible pollutants

  1. All Users shall comply with the limits imposed upon the discharge of Compatible Pollutants. Upon written request by a User, the Director of Public Works may, in his or her sole discretion, approve the discharge of such pollutants in excess of the stated concentration limits, provided that such User shall pay a surcharge calculated in accordance with this Section 13.12.810.  Approval of such discharge and the surcharge requirement shall be set forth in the User's wastewater discharge permit.
  2. Users permitted to discharge Compatible Pollutants in excess of the stated limits, either singly or collectively, shall pay a surcharge according to the following schedule:

                $0.49 for every pound of BOD discharged above the stated limits

                $0.37 for every pound of TSS discharged above the stated limits

                $0.17 for every pound of FOG discharged above the stated limits

    The following formula shall be used for calculating the pounds of excess in the User’s discharge:

    (actual concentration {mg/L}-Code limit {mg/L})(8.34 lbs./gal.)(Volume of discharge)"
    (Ord. 2014-M-11 § 1; Ord. 2013-M-33 § 1; Ord. 2012-M-17 § 1.)

  3. All measurements, tests, and analysis of the characteristics of the wastewater to determine the User surcharge shall be conducted as under Sections 13.12.645 and 13.12.690.
  4. All Industrial Users shall be charged for sample collection and laboratory analysis in accordance with Section 13.12.800.
  5. Environmental Remediation
    Surcharge:  $0.10 per gallon of discharge
    (Ord. 1998-M-12 § 1.)
  6. Charge for Use Outside of City Limits:  Any customer discharging Compatible Pollutants into the sewer system at a service location outside the corporate limits of the City of St. Charles shall pay an additional charge of 20% of all user surcharges imposed by Section 13.12.810B. above unless the customer has a sewer service agreement with the City that was in existence prior to May 6, 2013 that provides for a different additional charge.
(2015-M-31: § 1; 2014-M-11: § 1; 2013-M-33: § 1)