13.12.800 – Pretreatment charges and fees

The City may adopt reasonable fees for reimbursement of costs of setting up and operating the City of St. Charles's Pretreatment Program which may include:

  1. Fees for wastewater discharge permit applications including the cost of processing such applications;
  2. Fees for monitoring, inspection, and surveillance procedures including the cost of collection and analyzing a User's discharge, and reviewing monitoring reports submitted by Users;
  3. Fees for reviewing and responding to accidental discharge procedures and construction;
  4. Fees for filing appeals; and
  5. Other fees as the City may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein.  These fees relate solely to the matters covered by this chapter and are separate from all other fees, fines, and penalties collectable by the City.
  6. Fees for sampling and testing as described in Section 13.12.900 are as follows:

                        Sample Collection                                 $13.00/sampling
                        Heavy Metal Analysis                            $10.00/test
                        Acid Digestion                                       $10.00/sample
                        Biological Oxygen Demand                   $ 6.00/sample
                        Fats, oils, and grease                             $ 6.00/sample
                        Fluoride                                                 $ 6.00/sample
                        Total Dissolved Solids                           $ 6.00/sample
                        pH                                                          $ 2.00/sample
                        Nitrogen, ammonia                                $10.00/sample
                        Nitrogen, ammonia distillation              $10.00/sample
                        Chemical Oxygen demand                     $10.00/sample
                        Total Suspended Solids                         $ 6.00/sample

Bills for monitoring services shall be sent out monthly for all customers and shall be due and payable thirty days from the billing date.  An additional charge of ten percent shall be made on all bills which have not been paid when due, except that one late payment shall be allowed within each calendar year at no increase in cost.