13.12.615 – Periodic compliance reports

  1. All Significant Industrial Users shall, at a frequency determined by the Director of Public Works but in no case less than twice per year (in June and December), submit a report indicating the nature and concentration of pollutants in the discharge which are limited by pretreatment standards and the measured or estimated average and maximum daily flows for the reporting period.  All periodic compliance reports shall be signed and certified in accordance with Section 13.12.550.
  2. Such reports shall contain:
    1. Flow Measurement.  Information showing the measured average daily and maximum daily flow, in gallons per day, to the POTW from regulated process streams and other streams, as necessary, to allow use of the combined waste stream formula set out in 40 CFR 403.6(e).
    2. Measurement of Pollutants.
      1. The categorical pretreatment standards applicable to each regulated process.
      2. The results of sampling and analysis identifying the nature and concentration, and/or mass, where required by the standard or by the Director of Public Works, of regulated pollutants in the discharge from each regulated process.  Instantaneous, daily maximum, and long-term average concentrations, or mass, where required, shall be reported.  The sample shall be representative of daily operations and shall be analyzed in accordance with procedures set out in Section 13.12.645.
      3. Sampling shall be performed in accordance with procedures set out in Section 13.12.650.
    3. Certification.  A statement, reviewed by the User's authorized representative and certified by a qualified professional, indicating whether pretreatment standards are being met on a consistent basis, and, if not, whether additional operation and maintenance (O&M) and/or additional pretreatment is required to meet the pretreatment standards and requirements.
  3. All wastewater samples shall be representative of the User's discharge.  Wastewater monitoring and flow measurement facilities shall be properly operated, kept clean, and maintained in good working order at all times.  The failure of a User to keep its monitoring facility in good working order shall not be grounds for the User to claim that sample results are unrepresentative of its discharge.
  4. If a User subject to the reporting requirement in this section monitors any pollutant more frequently than required by the Director of Public Works, using the procedures prescribed in Section 13.12.650, the results of this monitoring shall be included in the report.