13.12.485 – Accidental discharges

Each User shall provide protection from an accidental discharge of prohibited materials, regulated materials or any other substances regulated.  Where necessary, facilities to prevent an accidental discharge of the above mentioned materials shall be provided and maintained at the User's own cost and expense.  Detailed plans showing facilities and operating procedures to the city for review, and shall be approved by the city before construction and operation of the facility.  Review and approval of such plans and operating procedures shall not relieve the User from the responsibility to modify the User's facility as necessary to meet all the requirements.

Users shall notify the City immediately upon knowing of the discharge of substances prohibited or regulated by this chapter.  Notification shall include location of discharge, date and time thereof, type of waste, concentrations and volume, and corrective actions to be taken.  The User shall be required to submit a written explanation of any "slug loads" or accidental discharges within five working days after the first notification.

Signs shall be permanently posted in conspicuous places advising employees whom to call in the event of an accidental spill of prohibited materials.  In lieu of using signs, User may use an alternative method for training employees in the procedures for reporting of accidental discharges.

Follow up reports may be required as needed.  Such report, or reports, shall not relieve the User of any expense, loss, damage or other liability which may be incurred as a result of damage to the POTW, fish kills, or any other damage to person or property; nor shall such report relieve the User of any fines, civil penalties, or other liability which may be imposed by this chapter or otherwise.  Failure to report accidental or deliberate discharges may, in addition to any other remedies available, result in the revocation of the discharger's wastewater permit.