13.12.430 – Local limits

The following pollutant limits are established to protect against pass through and interference.  No person shall discharge wastewater containing pollutants in excess of the following:

                        62.0         mg/L    Ammonia
                        0.69         mg/L    Arsenic
                        2.00         mg/L    Barium
                        574          mg/L    CBOD
                        0.85         mg/L    Cadmium
                        0.50         mg/L    Chromium (hex)
                        3.00         mg/L    Chromium
                        1.00         mg/L    Chromium (tri)
                        1000        mg/L    COD
                        1.00         mg/L    Copper
                        0.50         mg/L    Cyanide
                        123          mg/L    FOG
                        45.0         mg/L    Fluoride
                        3.00         mg/L    Iron (dissolved)
                        32.0         mg/L    Iron
                        0.50         mg/L    Lead
                        4.00         mg/L    Manganese
                        0.0005     mg/L    Mercury
                        3.00         mg/L    Nickel
                        0.80         mg/L    Phenols
                        1.00         mg/L    Selenium
                        0.20         mg/L    Silver
                        3500        mg/L    Total Dissolved Solids
                        540          mg/L    Total Suspended Solids
                        7.50         mg/L    Zinc

The above limits apply at the point where the wastewater is discharged to the POTW.  All concentrations for metallic substances are for “total” metal unless indicated otherwise.  The Director of Public Works may impose mass limitations in addition to, or in place of, the concentration based limitations above.

(1996-M-72: § 1)