13.12.330 – Maintenance of stormwater detention and retention basins

  1. Maintenance.  The owner or person in possession, if not the owner, of a detention or retention basin shall maintain the same as follows:
    1. Control the growth of noxious weeds;
    2. Control the creation of conditions which support the growth of mosquitoes and other insects;
    3. Control the decrease in available storage by accumulated sediments; and
    4. Clean up accumulated debris, flotsam and other materials after run off events have subsided.
      The City may accept maintenance assignments of basins, but only through specific acceptance and approval by resolution of the City Council.
  2. Inspections.  All privately owned detention and retention basins installed and operated within the City limits shall be subject to inspection by the City to determine the physical conditions of required storage capacity and the operational conditions of key elements of the basin and appurtenances.
  3. Corrective Measures.  If, after inspection, it is determined that the basin and appurtenances are not functioning properly, the owner and person in possession, if not the owner, shall be notified in writing to have the necessary work performed to eliminate the malfunctions.  If modifications to the basin and appurtenances are required, they shall be completed in accordance with the provisions of Sections 18.34.52 through 18.34.53 of the St. Charles Municipal Code.  The owner and occupant shall be given a reasonable amount of time.  The City shall maintain a file system to inform the owner or person in possession, if not the owner, of the necessity for cleaning the basin and appurtenances.  The failure of the City to maintain such file system or failure to notify an owner or person in possession shall be no defense to an action taken pursuant to this section.