13.12.265 – Inspections of residences to be connected to sewer system

  1. Upon payment of the permit fee, the Building Commissioner shall make the following inspections of each residence to be connected to the sewage system:
    1. An inspection shall be made at the time the sewer ditch is opened and the connection is made to the sewer system to determine that there is proper grade and connection.
    2. An inspection shall be made before the fill is put around the foundation and while the tile is still exposed around the foundation to see that there has been no connection of such drain tile with the sanitary sewer system.  The second inspection shall also include the inspection of
    3. A third and final inspection shall be made after the eaves-troughs and downspouts have been installed to see that there is no connection of the aforesaid with the sanitary sewer.  This final inspection shall also include an inspection of the fixture connections within the residence.
  2. The provisions of the St. Charles Municipal Code relating to excavations in streets shall be complied with in making excavations in streets or other public places for sewer connections.