13.12.207 – Stormwater/Groundwater Discharge Standards

  1. Where a sump pump is used for the collection of drainage from foundation footing drains, or any other sub-surface drainage,
    1. Such drainage shall not be discharged into the septic tank or public sanitary sewer.
    2. Where underground public storm sewer facilities exist, or are proposed to the subject development, the discharge shall be routed and connected to the storm sewer system in accordance with the requirements set forth in the City of St. Charles Engineering Design Inspection and Policy Manual.
    3. In the event storm sewer facilities do not exist, sump pumps may be discharged overland on an owner’s property, or to a storm water conveyance swale specifically designed and operated as a part of the overall storm water conveyance system, with appropriate drainage and maintenance easements in place for which the City or other operator as identified in easement language (Home Owners Association, Commercial Property Manager, etc.) shall have access and operational maintenance responsibilities.
    4. Discharge shall be located a minimum of ten (10) feet from the public street, ally, Right of Way, or property line of a contiguous landowner and shall not be located in an established front yard setback.
    5. Any modifications to the standards set forth shall be at the discretion of the Director of Public Works, or their designee.
  2. All down spouts, outside stairwells, roof drains and similar apparatus, shall discharge onto the ground, or as approved under Title 18, and day light a minimum of ten (10) feet from any public Right of Way and five (5) feet from any property line of a contiguous landowner, or half the distance of the established side yard setback.  Discharge shall not be located in an established front yard setback.
(2020-M-10: § 1)