13.08.315 – Interconnection services for on-site generation facilities

St. Charles Municipal Electric Utility (SCMEU) shall make available, upon request, interconnection services to any customer that meets the required guidelines.  Interconnection services in this Section refers to on-site generating facilities connected to SCMEU distribution system in a manner that will allow excess electricity generated by the eligible on-site generating facility to be safely delivered onto SCMEU’s electric distribution system.  Guidelines for interconnecting to the utility system are as follows:

  1. Only generating facilities that have been approved by SCMEU shall be interconnected with SCMEU’s electric distribution system.
  2. Interconnection services shall only be available to premises with aggregated total generation at a single customer premise of less than 1 MW.
  3. All interconnections shall comply with IEEE Standard 1547 for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems (IEEE 1547) as amended from time to time.
  4. SCMEU is under no obligation to purchase energy supplied to it under this section.  This does not preclude the customer from meeting applicable standards that would allow the customer to supply power onto the utilities system and receive credit for such energy under the Renewable Generation Energy Purchase (RGEP) Policy (set forth in Section 13.08.320).
  5. If the customer qualifies under these interconnection standards but does not qualify under the RGEP Policy then any energy delivered to the utility system shall be surrendered to the utility for no value/credit.  SCMEU will install, at customer expense, a meter that will not provide any credit for energy delivered to the utility system and the customer will pay any additional costs associated with the meter change.
  6. Customers will comply with all other applicable utility standards for interconnection.
  7. Capacity of 10kW or less and interconnected to the utility system shall comply with IEEE 1547 Section 5.5, Periodic Interconnection Tests.  All interconnection related protective functions, equipment and associated batteries shall be tested at intervals specified by the manufacturer system integrator, or the authority that has jurisdiction over the Distributed Resources interconnection, or all tests shall be performed every three (3) years, whichever is shorter.  Periodic test reports shall be maintained and submitted to the SCMEU Engineering Department.
  8. Systems of greater than 10kW shall perform all interconnection-related protective functions, equipment and associated battery testing on a yearly basis.  All test reports shall be submitted to the SCMEU Engineering Department after completion of the yearly testing.
  9. Reports required under Section 13.08.315 paragraphs G. and H., must be submitted within 30 days of the anniversary date of the energizing of the interconnect generation.  If the required reports are not received within the 30 day period, the generation must be disconnected until such time as the reports are submitted and accepted.
(2009-M-69: § 1)