13.08.295 – Watt-hour pulse metering service

Watt-hour pulse metering will be provided, upon customer’s request, for applicable systems, under the following conditions:

  1. Customer shall submit request for watt-hour pulse metering in writing, including detailed specifications of the customer’s proposed monitoring equipment.
  2. Customer shall sign a contract agreeing to participate in Watt-hour Pulse Metering for a period of no less than 18 months.
  3. St. Charles Municipal Electric Utility staff will review, at customer’s expense, applicability and compatibility of the customer’s proposed system with the City equipment.  Normal electric engineering rates shall apply for the review and any subsequent work requested.  Payment for all engineering work is due within 30 days of the billing regardless of whether the customer installs the system.
  4. City will provide an appropriate watt-hour meter or additional equipment within the meter and a single isolation relay, at customer’s expense.
  5. Customer shall pay $20 per month, or any part of a monthly billing period, per each meter installation, for the delivery of the watt-hour pulses.
  6. City shall provide normal maintenance and repair, including lightning damage, of the meter and isolation relay.  City material and labor costs shall apply for all other damage to City equipment and shall be billable to the customer.
  7. The customer shall be billed for labor and material expended by the City responding to watt-hour pulse metering trouble calls where it is concluded that the City equipment was not malfunctioning.
  8. The City shall remove watt-hour pulse metering equipment within 30 days of receipt by City of a written request for discontinuation of watt-hour pulse metering service from the customer.  After discontinuation of watt-hour pulse metering service, the customer cannot reapply for watt-hour pulse metering service for 18 months.