13.08.260 – Rate 5 - General service - Rates, charges, and service requirements

A.  Availability.  Electrical energy is available under the General Service rate to any customer using the city's electric service for all requirements other than residential service.

B.  Charges for this rate shall be as follows:

  1. Monthly Customer Charge. The net monthly customer charge shall be seventy dollars and seventy cents ($70.70) per meter.
  2. Power Factor Correction.  Customers are required to maintain power factor above .85 lagging.  If customer’s metered power factor is below .85 in the current billing cycle, the customer billing demand will be adjusted in the current billing cycle according to the formula:  Billing Demand = (1+(.85 – Power Factor)) x metered demand.
  3. Demand Charge. The net demand charge shall be as follows:  $20.20 per kilowatt
  4. Energy Charge. The energy charge shall be as follows:  $0.0630 per kilowatt-hour for all kilowatt-hours
  5. Minimum Charge.  The minimum net monthly charge shall be the net monthly customer charge.
  6. Gross Charge.  The gross charge shall be ten percent more than the sum of the net customer charge, the net demand and the net energy charge for the billing period.
  7. General Requirements.
    1. The customer's wiring shall be so arranged that all service hereunder may be supplied through a single metering installation adequate for a normal load equal to the maximum thirty-minute demand of the customer, at a power factor of eighty-five percent lagging.  Except in multi-occupancy business premises where each business shall be serviced as an individual customer.  Nothing in this rate shall be deemed to preclude a residential occupancy on the customer's property from being served as a separate customer on a residential rate.
    2. Measurement of Demand and Kilowatt-hours Supplied.  Where two or more metering installations are provided on the customer's premises, the billing demand shall be determined by adding together the separate peak half hour demands at each metering installation.
      1. Where two or more metering installations are provided on the customer's premises and are for the same customer, and if one or more installation qualifies for rate 5 and one or more installations qualifies for rate 7 then the metering installation readings shall be combined and billed at rate 7.
    3. The terms and conditions stated in Sections 13.08.010 through 13.08.210 apply to this rate and service hereunder shall be subject thereto.
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