13.08.140 – Deposit - Required - Refund - Exemption

  1. Deposit shall be charged to any customer, whether owner or non-owner, at any time if such customer meets any of the following criteria:

    1. the customer pays late four times during the prior twelve-month period, or
    2. the utility has disconnected service within the last twelve-month  period  for  violation  of  the  provisions  of  the  St. Charles Municipal Code, or
    3. the utility finds out that the application for service was falsified, or
    4. the customer has two or more returned checks (NSF) during the prior twelve-month period. The additional deposit charged shall be in the amount equal to the aggregate of the two highest monthly billings for the twelve-month period ending immediately prior to the request for the additional deposit; or if a twelve-month period is unavailable, then any portion thereof, which amount shall be reduced by the amount of the deposit on hand.
      (Ord. 1993-M-11 § 1; Ord. 1990-M-62 § 1; Ord. 1987-M-89 § 1.)
      The deposits set forth above shall be repaid to such applicant when the city has discontinued or refused the service for which such application was made and when all bills have been paid in full; provided, however, that if the applicant has not paid all bills owing the city for such service within thirty days after such service has been discontinued, then the city clerk shall deduct the amount of the bills so owing from the deposit and remit the balance, if any, to such applicant.
      (Ord. 1990-M-62 § 1; Ord. 1987-M-89 § 1; Ord. 1987-M-30 § 1.)
  2. All deposits made by applicants as provided in subsection A of this section who are not delinquent shall be refunded by the city after one year of continuous service during which the applicant has not paid late more than one time during the latest twelve-month period and has received no disconnection notice during that same twelve-month period.  Such a deposit may be returned by crediting the customer's utility bill for the amount of deposit at the discretion of City Comptroller.
    (Ord. 1987-M-89 § 1; Ord. 1987-M-30 § 1.)
  3. Any applicant for new service who has been an electrical service customer of the city for two years immediately prior to the date of application, without incurring any arrearage, shall be considered exempt from the requirement for an initial deposit for new service.
  4. All desposites made by applicant as provided in Subsection A of this section shall not be subject to interest credit.
    (Ord. 2018-M-16 § 1)
(2018-M-16: § 1; 1995-M-30: § 1; 1994-M-27: § 1; 1972-M-49: § 1; Prior code: § 14.105(10))