13.08.100 – Access to premises

The properly authorized agents of the City shall at all reasonable hours have free access to the premises for the purpose of reading, examining, repairing or removing the city's meters and for installing, testing, inspecting, repairing, removing or changing any or all equipment belonging to the City.  Should access be denied, or property owner unavailable or unable to provide access more than 6 times in a calendar year, City equipment shall be relocated outside of the inaccessible area at owner’s expense.  In the case of meters, the customer shall maintain a minimum of 3 feet clear working space in front of each meter.  Additional space will be required adjacent to moving machinery.  In the case of pad-mounted equipment, clear and level work areas are required around pad-mounted equipment to provide an adequate safe working space to operate and maintain the equipment.  An 8-foot minimum workspace is required in front of all equipment doors to provide room to operate with hot sticks and to replace the equipment.  A three foot minimum space is required on non-operable sides.

(2003-M-99: § 1; 1995-M-30: § 1; Prior code: § 14.105(6))