13.08.090 – Effect of customer’s equipment on power quality

Certain types of equipment, which may be purchased and used by the customer, may have operating characteristics that have a detrimental effect on other equipment of the customer or may interfere with the satisfactory use of service by other customers connected to the same distribution system.  It is in the interest of all customers that the use of such equipment be avoided.  Where any of the customer's utilization equipment manifests characteristics, which, in the City's judgment, may cause interference with service to other customers or result in operation at a low power factor, the customer shall, at the request of the City, provide suitable facilities to preclude such interference or improve such power factor, or both, as the case may be.  Otherwise, the City shall have the right to provide, at the expense of the customer, the facilities necessary to preclude such condition or conditions.  The City reserves the right to refuse service where such equipment is installed unless the customer provides suitable compensation or protective devices, or makes satisfactory financial arrangements with the City to provide the necessary capacity or protective measures

(2003-M-99: § 1; Prior code: § 14.105(5))