13.08.075 – Sub-metering allowed for commercial accounts

  1. Sub-metering is allowed, as an option, on commercial buildings receiving service under one of the City’s standard commercial rates (rate 3 and rate 5).  A multi-use building, containing commercial and residential units, may only sub-meter the commercial units.  Sub-metering is not allowed without prior review, inspection and approval by City staff.
  2. The master meter (meter directly connected to City system which feeds all sub-meters) will be City-owned and maintained.  All sub-meters must be owned and maintained by the building owner.  If any sub-meters are installed in a building, all usage in the building must be sub-metered (no usage in a sub-meter installation can be metered only by the master meter).  The building owner shall be billed and is fully responsible for all charges for service provided to the building/property and metered by the master meter.
  3. The City takes no responsibility for the sub-meters or their reading or billing.  The City shall not be party to any metering accuracy or billing dispute between occupants of the premises being sub-metered and the building owner or designee.  The master meter will be read by the City according to the City’s reading schedule, which may vary at City’s discretion without notice to the building owner.
  4. Sub-metering equipment, when installed, must be in new condition, utility grade equipment, of reputable manufacturer, designed for the purposes used, and must meet appropriate standards for utility metering accuracy as defined by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), or other appropriate standards agency.
  5. All sub-metering installations are subject to City inspection to assure compliance with electrical codes and standards.  City reserves the right to approve or reject sub-metering equipment, before or after installation, based on adherence with codes, installation criteria, applicable standards and this ordinance.  Use of any unapproved sub-meter equipment shall make the entire building subject to disconnection of service until approval of the metering installation.
  6. All sub-meter devices shall be installed per manufacturer’s recommendations.  Sub-metering shall not impact the delivery of service to the sub-metered premises, i.e. improper installation or improper sizing of meters.  Testing of sub-meter equipment, by qualified meter tester, is required at installation and periodically thereafter per manufacturer’s standards and must meet industry standards for meter accuracy as defined by the AWWA, ANSI, IEEE, or other appropriate standards agency.
  7. The city reserves the right to terminate service to the building for lack of compliance with any provision of this Section.
(2010-M-53 : § 1)