12.40.020 – Definitions

As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth herein:

A designated parcel or area of right-of-way identified in the City -Owned Properties Corridor Improvement Program Description attached to this Ordinace as "Exhibit B" and incorporated  herein by this refernce.

City-Owned Property Improvement Project
An improvement project on one of the designated City-Owned Properties identified in "Exhibit B" City-Owned Properties Corridor Improvement Program Description.

Corridor Improvement Agreement
An agreement between a property owner or tenant and the City that provides for the amount of the Corridor Improvement Grant, the improvements to be completed and the responsibilities of the property owner or tenant.

Corridor Improvement Grant or Grant
Financial assistance to Grant Recipients to reimburse the cost of Eligible Improvements.  Grants may be awarded in the specific forms set forth in the program description attached to this Ordinance as Exhibit “A”, and incorporated herein by this reference. “Eligible Improvements”:  The design, purchase and planting or construction of Landscaping Materials on an Eligible Property, including related site preparation.

Eligible Improvements
The design, purchase and planting or construction of Landscaping Materials on an Eligible Property or City-Owned Property, including related site preperation.

Eligible Properties
Properties located with the corporate limits of the City of St. Charles and have frontage on main Street (Route 64), Randall Road, Lincoln Highway (Route 38), Kirk Road, are located in the Downtown Special Service Area (SSA-1B), located in a public right-of-way adjoining and Eligible Property, City-Owned Property, or in one of the Key Gateway areas identified in Exhibit A.”

Grant Recipient
The owner of record, tenant of an Eligible Property or such other party having a legal interest therein or a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is installing Landscaping Materials on an Eligible Property.

Landscaping Materials
Plants, trees, shrubs, bulbs, flowers, hardscape materials (decorative fencing, berming, decorative walls, statuary, and the like), and other similar elements approved by CIC.

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