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12.30.120 – Plats of dedication – Fees – Collateral

  1.  For all subdivisions and Planned Unit Developments, the developer shall submit to the City a Final Plat of Subdivision for street improvements in accordance with the requirements of Title 16, “Subdivisions and Land Improvements.”  For all other types of proposed streets, the developer shall submit a Plat of Dedication in accordance with state statute.
  2. The developer shall pay the City for all costs incurred in relation to the street improvement project including the following:
    1. Engineering review of the preliminary and final engineering plans, and construction inspection.
    2. Court reporter fees.
    3. Recording fees.
  3. The developer shall provide a guarantee for the payment and completion of the street improvements in accordance with Title 16, Section 16.04.100, “Guarantee for Completion of Land Improvements.”
(2012-M-45: § 3)