12.30.090 – Median and parkway areas

  1. All parkways within the right-of-way shall be cleared of all stumps, rocks, trees that cannot be saved and construction debris and shall be graded with a minimum of four inches of topsoil and seeded or sodded.
  2. Median and parkway areas shall provide for drainage to the storm drainage system.
  3. Street trees shall be placed along the right-of-way in accordance with Chapter 12.20 “Trees and Shrubs”.
  4. The creation of land strips for landscaping or other purposes shall not be permitted adjacent to a proposed street right-of-way in such a manner as to deny access from adjacent property to such street right-of-way.
  5. Disposal of excess material, excluding topsoil, shall be the responsibility of the contractor. Regarding excess topsoil, the City may elect to have the contractor, with developer approval, stockpile this material for municipal use at a later date.
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