12.30.060 – Standards for street light systems

  1. General Requirements:
    1. Street light will be installed by Developers, including conductors, poles and fixtures, at all intersections and culs-de-sac and at other locations, as necessary, along the City streets, in accordance with Standard Drawing No. 2 or No. 3.
    2. Developers shall be responsible for the design and installation of all street lighting systems within the City in full compliance with all applicable standards for performance necessary to ensure the security and safety of the public.
    3. The City shall have the right to review street lighting system designs submitted by Developers, in advance of such street light system installations, and to make modifications it considers necessary to ensure that the lighting systems are designed in compliance with the City’s own requirements and standards of construction.
    4. Developers shall pay for all of the costs of construction, including labor and materials, as necessary for the successful installation of street lighting systems installed under the terms and conditions of this Ordinance.
    5. Variations from the requirements included as part of the Standard Drawings may be granted if in accordance with prudent engineering practices and if approved, in advance and in writing, by the Director of Public Works or his designee, and the City Council.
    6. Developers shall assume complete responsibility for the maintenance of developer-installed street lighting systems for a period of one-year from the date of initial energization.
    7. After developer-installed lighting systems are installed and working for a full year, the City shall perform an end-of-year inspection of such facilities. If the City determines, during the course of the inspection of such facilities, that such systems are fully functional and operational, and in full compliance with the City’s standards, the City shall have the right, but not the obligation, to retain ownership of such facilities, including perpetual responsibility for maintenance.
  2. Standards of Construction
    ​All new street lighting systems installed within the City shall be designed and installed in accordance with the following general standards:
    1. Street lighting systems shall be designed in compliance with all applicable standards for performance necessary to ensure the security and safety of the public.
    2. The conductors for all new street lighting systems shall be installed exclusively underground.
    3. Street lighting system lighting standards shall be installed at or near lot lines or property lines, as the case may be, in an effort to keep the lighting standards as close as is practical to the source of power.
    4. Developer shall make all reasonable efforts, in the design of street lighting systems, to avoid the crossing of streets, sidewalks and driveways with lighting conductors.
    5. The Director of Public Works or his designee shall have the option of selecting Option No. 1 or Option No. 2 for the basic standard and luminaire selection for any new Development in accordance with the standards hereinafter set forth:
  3. Street Light Additions in Existing Overhead Areas
    ​This provision allows for the addition of street lights in existing overhead areas and may be of either standard street light design (STD. DRW. No. 2 or STD. DRW. No. 3) or may be mast arm mounted on a wood pole as determined by City staff and other facilities in the area. New light must be installed within City rights-of-way, along streets or alleys.
    1. If the new light is requested by a resident, the resident must obtain written approval from all other property owners within 300 feet of the location of the light. The cost of the light will be divided equally between the City and the requesting property owner/owners. The energy and maintenance will be supplied by the City as with other street lights.
    2. If the new light is requested by the City (by the Director of Public Works or designee) for security or other reasons, City staff will determine the appropriate location and type of street light and install at City’s expense. Resident approval is not required by City requested lights.
      Option No. 1:  As detailed in Standard Drawing No. 2. 12.30.050 (L)
      Option No. 2:  As detailed in Standard Drawing No. 3. 12.30.050 (L)
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