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12.30.030 – Definitions

For the purposes of this chapter the following definitions are adopted:

  1. Contractor. The individual, firm, partnership or corporation contracting with the developer for the construction of prescribed work.
  2. Developer. The individual, firm, partnership or corporation planning, initiating and/or managing the street improvement which may be the owner of the land on which the improvement is being constructed.
  3. Curbing. The portion of the street improvement primarily constructed to direct surface storm water to a collection point.
  4. Materials. Any substances specified for use in the construction of the street improvement and its appurtenances.
  5. Median. The portion of a divided street separating the traveled ways for traffic in opposite directions.
  6. Pavement Structure. The combination of base, and surface course materials placed on a subgrade to support the traffic volume and weight for distribution to the roadbed.
  7. Plans. The plans view, profiles, cross sections, working drawings and supplemental drawings, or exact reproduction thereof, which shows the location, character, dimensions and details of the work to be done.
  8. Right-of-way.  A strip of land occupied or intended to be occupied by a street, sidewalk and/or railroad, and by electrical transmission lines, oil or gas pipelines, water mains, sanitary or storm sewer mains, trees, and/or for other special uses. The usage of the term "right-of-way" for land-platting purposes shall mean that every right-of-way hereafter established and shown on a final plat is to be separate and distinct from the lots or parcels adjoining such right-of-way and not included within the dimensions or areas of such lots or parcels. Rights-of-way intended for streets, crosswalks, water mains, sanitary sewers, storm drains, trees, or any other use involving maintenance by a public agency shall be dedicated to public use by the make of the plat on which such right-of-way is established.
  9. Roadbed. The graded portion of a street within side slopes, prepared as a foundation for the pavement structure and shoulders or curbing.
  10. Roadway. The portion of the right-of-way within limits of construction.
  11. Shoulder. The portion of the roadway contiguous with the traveled way for accommodation of stopped vehicles, for emergency use, and for lateral support of base and surface courses.
  12. Sidewalk. That portion of the right-of-way primarily constructed for the use of pedestrians.
  13. Storm Drainage System. Shall include but not be limited to storm sewer piping, catch basins, manholes, inlet grates and related appurtenances capable of collecting and transporting a 10-year storm frequency based on ISWS Bulletin 70 (dated 1989) rainfall intensities without street flooding or damage to property.
  14. Street. That portion of the roadway primarily constructed for use of vehicles.
  15. Street Improvements.  Any work related to maintaining safe pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and enhancement of the right-of-way.
  16. Subgrade. The top surface of a roadbed upon which the pavement structure and shoulders are constructed.
  17. Utility. The privately, publicly or cooperatively owned lines, facilities and systems for producing, transmitting or distributing communications, power, electricity, light, heat, gas, oil, crude products, water, steam, waste, storm water not connected with the highway drainage, and other similar commodities, including combined antenna television cables and equipment, and publicly owned fire and police signal systems and street lighting systems, which directly or indirectly serve the public or any part thereof. The term "utility" as the context shall require, shall also mean the utility company, inclusive of any wholly owned or controlled subsidiary.
  18. Work. Work shall mean the furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, and other incidentals necessary or convenient to the successful completion of the project.
(1993-M-52 : § 1)