12.20.050 – Natural Resources Commission duties

  1. Duties – The NRC shall perform the following duties:
    1. Within a reasonable time after the appointment of the NRC, upon call of the Chairperson of the NRC, the NRC shall meet and adopt rules of procedure for regular and special meetings to fulfill the duties imposed upon it by this Chapter.
    2. Serve as a resource and advocate to City Government in developing policies and practices in an environmentally conscious manner.
    3. The NRC shall advise and consult the City’s Government Services Committee on any matter pertaining to the topics covered in this Chapter and its enforcement. The topics under which this advice and consultation may be given may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:
      1. Amendment to this Chapter and alteration or revisions of the Urban Forestry Management Plan;
      2. Policy concerning matters of City business as outlined in this Chapter;
      3. investigation into practices of green infrastructure, sustainable business practices and programs, native species and ecological restorations and other matters of importance that may influence the City’s environmental footprint.
      4. Establishment of educational and informational programs including, but not limited to, natural resources conservation, environmental awareness and behavior, public health, an annual  Arbor Day celebration and the City’s Tree City USA designation. (Ord. 2012-M-47 § 5.)
      5. Investigate and recommend to the City’s Public Works Department and the City Council as it may consider appropriate to support:

        Preservation, conservation, education, enhancement and protection of the environment, natural resources and environmental values of the City, including the quality of land, air and water and the interrelationship that exists between them and all biotic systems.

        All recommendations by the NRC and information resulting from the NRC’s activities shall be forwarded to the designated representative of the City’s Public Works Department and the City Council.

      6. Advise the City Council on such matters as may be requested.
    4. The NRC, with the assistance of the City’s Public Works Department and City Arborist, shall update the Urban Forestry Management Plan annually. The Urban Forestry Management Plan shall outline the City’s urban forestry program activities for the next five (5) years. The Urban Forestry Management Plan shall describe the urban forestry activities to be undertaken by the City, the reasons for those activities, the possible funding source(s), the means of accomplishing the activities, the alternatives available to the City to fund or accomplish the activity, the projected date of completion and the consequences if the activity is not completed.  Activities include, but are not limited to, street tree inventory, planting, pruning, tree removal, beautification projects and educational projects.
    5. The NRC, with the assistance of the Public Works Department and the City Arborist, shall develop and periodically review and revise, as necessary, the City’s Trees and Shrubs ordinance. This ordinance shall contain regulations and standards for the planting, maintenance and removal of trees and shrubs upon City-owned property and the City right-of-way. (Ord. 2012-M-47 § 5.)
    6. The NRC  shall cause the Urban Forestry Management Plan and the Trees and Shrubs Ordinance, and all revisions and amendments to it, to be published and promulgated and shall cause copies of the ordinance and all revisions and amendments to it, to be available for public inspection at the office of the City Clerk.  The Trees and Shrubs Ordinance and any revisions and additions thereto shall become effective upon the approval date of the ordinance or revision or amendment thereto.
    7. The NRC shall inform the public about the activities of the NRC.
    8. The City shall issue such permits as are required by this Chapter and shall obtain as a condition precedent to the issuance of such permits the written agreement of each person who applies for such permits that he or she will comply with the requirement of this Chapter, the Urban Forestry Management Plan and with the regulations and standards of the Trees and Shrubs Ordinance. The City’s Public Works Department shall have the right to inspect all work performed pursuant to such permits.  If the City’s Public Works Department finds that the work performed is not in compliance with the requirements of this Chapter, the Urban Forestry Management Plan or with the regulations or standards of the Trees and Shrubs Ordinance, the Public Works Department shall provide written notice of its findings to the permit applicant. The notice shall contain a copy of Section 12.20 of this Chapter, and the permit shall be nullified and voided.  The City’s Public Works Department may issue a written order that the permit applicant cease and desist all work for which the permit was required. The permit applicant shall be subject to penalty under the terms of the Ordinance. The City’s Public Works Department may take steps to correct the results of the non-complying work and the reasonable costs of such steps shall be charged to the permit applicant.
  2. Public Utility Companies
    1. Nothing in this section shall be construed to exempt public utility companies or their agents from any of the requirements of this Ordinance
(2018-M-6: § 4; 1998-M-28: § 1)