12.20.020 – Purpose and intent

  1. Purpose – The purpose of this Chapter is to:
    1. Protect the City’s natural resources, and promote environmental values and stewardship within the community.
    2. Protect the public health, safety and general welfare of the community by providing for the regulation of planting, maintenance and removal of trees and shrubs within the City.        (Ord. 2012-M-47 § 5.)
  2. Intent – It is the intent of the City Council of St. Charles that the terms of this Chapter shall be construed so as to promote:
    1. Environmental programs and awareness, and natural resources conservation and education.
    2. Planting, maintenance, restoration and survival of desirable trees and shrubs within the City.
    3. The protection of residents from personal injury and property damage, and the protection of the City from property damage, caused or threatened by improper planting, maintenance, or removal of trees and shrubs located within or affecting City owned property or the City right-of-way.
(2018-M-6: § 2; 2012-M-47: § 5; 1998-M-28: § 1)