12.12.030 – Owner's responsibility to place number on structure - Penalty for violation

It shall be the duty of the owner and occupant of every single-family and multiple-family dwelling structure in the city to cause every principal building or structure to have posted thereon figures showing the number of that building or structure. It shall further be the duty of the owner and respective occupants of all structures or portions thereof for which an address has been assigned, other than one-family and two-family dwelling structures, in the city to have posted thereon within ten feet of all exterior doors figures showing the number assigned to that structure or portion thereof. Said figures shall be in Arabic numbers which shall be a minimum of three inches in height and of proportionate width, of contrasting color to the mounting surface, and be affixed in such a place to be easily and distinctly read and in plain view from the street. All such numbers shall be placed within ten feet of the front door and shall be visible from the street abutting the front yard. In the event the front door is not on the side of the building or structure facing the street, the requirement of being within ten feet of the front door shall not apply. In an area where the numbers are on a curbside mail box, such numbers shall be on the side of approaching traffic. During construction, buildings shall have temporary numbers affixed to or painted on the structure. This section shall not apply to existing buildings and structures already numbered in a place visible from the street, but shall apply if such numbers are replaced. Any person, firm or corporation failing to so number any principal building or structure owned or occupied by him or it, after receiving notice to do so from the city clerk, shall be fined one dollar for each day on which the failure to so number continues, and each day shall be considered a separate violation.

(1980-M-19: § 1)