12.10.030 – Mailboxes

  1. Mailboxes shall be installed at a minimum height of 42” above grade and a maximum of 48” above grade. The face of the box shall be a minimum of 12” and a maximum of 18” from the back of the curb or edge of the pavement as the case may be. Mailbox installation procedures shall follow the standards identified by the United States Postal Services (www.usps.com).
  2. Definitions. For purposes of this Section, the following definitions shall apply:
    1. “Standard mailbox” means a 4-inch by 4-inch wooden post, meeting the standards for height and set-back as prescribed by the United States Postal Service, with a plastic or aluminum containment box affixed to the top of post.
    2. “Specialty mailbox” means a mailbox that is constructed of a rigid or alternative material such as masonry, brick, block, decorative steel, or other non-standard composite.
  3. Installation of a specialty mailbox shall require a right-of-way permit from the City prior to installation, pursuant to the following procedures and conditions:
    1. An application for such permit shall be pursuant to the City’s standard application form.
    2. The maximum base size of a specialty mailbox shall not exceed 3’ x 3’.
    3. The maximum height of a specialty mailbox shall not exceed 5.5’.
    4. The location of the specialty mailbox shall be approved by the City as part of the permit approval process.
    5. The City shall require that a “covenant running with the land” outlining owner’s responsibilities and liabilities, in the City’s standard form, be recorded with the appropriate County Recorder’s Office.
    6. Issuance of a permit by the City shall not be construed to mean that the proposed specialty mailbox meets the standards of, or has been approved by, the United States Postal Service. Any relocation or replacement of a specialty mailbox required by the United States Postal Service shall be at the owner’s sole expense.
  4. The owner of the lot or parcel adjacent to the parkway shall be responsible for all costs associated with maintaining, replacing or relocating the mailbox located thereon; provided, however, that any mailbox, whether standard or specialty, that is damaged due to City actions such as snow plowing or construction activities, or that needs to be relocated due to the change of the roadway width by the City, shall be replaced and installed by the City with a standard mailbox. At the option of the owner of the lot or parcel, in lieu of such replacement and installation, the City shall pay to the owner a sum of money equal to the cost of materials of a standard mailbox. In such case, it shall be the owner’s responsibility to install and, if necessary, relocate a replacement mailbox.
(2013-M-14: § 2)