12.08.050 – Specifications

All plans and specifications must conform to the following minimum requirements before permit for construction or reconstruction shall be permitted.

  1. Construction material is to be concrete or asphalt.
  2. The contractor or other permittee will pay for construction materials, labor and design.
  3. Design and material specifications shall be in accordance with the 'Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction' and supplemental specifications of the current edition by the Illinois Department of Transportation, three copies of which are and have been on file in the City Clerk's Office for at least thirty (30) days prior to the adoption of this Ordinance, which specifications and special provisions are incorporated herein by reference unless otherwise superseded by this title, said specifications and special provisions being sometimes referred to herein as 'Standard Specifications'.
    (Ord. 2009-M-35 § 1; Ord. 1984-M-71 § 1.)
  4. For parking areas in public parkways the following additional conditions shall apply:
    1. The area must be designed by a professional engineer registered in the State of Illinois.
    2. The professional engineer shall certify that the parking area will not interfere with safe passage of traffic, will not interfere with existing or proposed pedestrian walkways, and will not interfere with the operation, installation or maintenance of utilities, including but not limited to water, sanitary and storm sewer, electric, telephone, gas, cable television and shall comply with Title 18 Storm Water Management Ordinance.
      (Ord. 2009-M-35 § 1.)
    3. The permittee shall provide a contractor's affidavit and lien waivers in accordance with the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act prior to approval of the parking area by the City. The permittee shall pay for the material and labor costs incurred by the City to restore the parking areas as a result of the installation, operation and/or maintenance of any public utility within the parking area.
      (Ord. 2009-M-35 § 1.)
    4. All parking areas shall be in accordance with Chapter 17.24 Off Street Parking, Loading, and Access in the St. Charles Municipal Code.
      (Ord. 2009-M-35 § 1.)
    5. Minimum setback from corners and driveways.
      (a) Parallel - 20 feet
      (b) Straight - 20 feet
      (c) Diagonal - 20 feet
    6. Where practical and reasonable and at the discretion of the City Council, landscape areas may be required to compensate for all or a portion of the lost public parkway vegetative area.