12.04.215 – Acts which constitute violations on bridges and on public property north of Main St

It is unlawful for any person to do, or engage in or participate in any of the following acts or things from or while upon any part of any public bridge, including the approaches thereto, or any city property adjacent to the Fox River along the easterly bank of the Fox River from Main Street, north to the first railroad trestle, within the city:

  1. Fish or otherwise engage or participate in the act of fishing in any manner whatsoever;
  2. Throw, cast, swing or otherwise propel or suspend therefrom any string, rope, line, pole, rod, stick or other similar object or thing for any purpose whatsoever, except in case of a bona fide emergency for the purpose of saving or preserving life or property, or both.
(1981-M-31: § 1)