12.04.101 – Sidewalk Sales

The City Council may designate one or more days a year at its sole discretion when merchandise may be displayed and sold on the sidewalks of the city.  However, display of merchandise for sale, lease, trade or for free, shall be confined to the sidewalks and city parking areas adjacent to business zoned property; and, provided further, that the city may require a liability insurance policy naming the city as an additional insured and an indemnity agreement covering all such businesses displaying and selling merchandise.  Such liability policy or policies shall be in an amount and issued by such company or companies as are acceptable to the city council. The provision of this section providing for the display and sale of merchandise on sidewalks and city parking areas shall not be construed as a lease, and any/all sales of merchandise pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be in compliance with all ordinances of the city.

(1996-M-57: § 2; 1983-M-46: § 1; 1980-M-34: § 1; Prior code: § 12.110)