12.04.070 – Obstruction of public ways prohibited

  1. It is unlawful for any firm, corporation, or person to cause, create, maintain, or permit the obstruction of any street, alley, sidewalk, or public way in such a manner that it interferes with the free use and access of such public way, except as may be specifically authorized by ordinance or by the director of public works.
  2. Any person or persons who is at any time found standing, walking, or sitting in a public way in such a manner as to prevent the use or access to such public way to other members of the public and who refuses to disburse or clear the public way and leave the area and clear said public way when requested to do so by ant member of the police department or by any person annoyed thereby, shall be presumed to be intentionally obstructing said street, alley, sidewalk, or public way.
(1970-M-20; Prior code: § 12.107)