10.58.160 – Tow trucks - Minimum equipment standards

Minimum equipment standards for tow trucks shall be as follows:

  1. Truck Chassis:  At least two rigs, one of which being a flat bed, of one (1) ton capacity with rear dual wheels. The police officer on the scene shall determine if greater capacity is needed and may call upon any service capable of providing that capacity regardless of whether or not said company is on the roster of the City and whether it is their period of time to receive police requests.
  2. Company Name:  Company name, address and phone number on both sides of tow truck which conform in color and size to those requirements as set forth in 65 ILCS 5/12-606(a).
  3. Lights: Trucks must, at all times, be equipped with such headlights, taillights, red reflectors, stoplights, warning lights, plus front cornering strobes as required by Illinois law, plus one white utility light (adjustable or portable), and may be equipped with such other lights as the owner may desire which are not forbidden by Illinois law.
  4. Winch: To be power-driven with original manufacturer's installed braking devices.
  5. Additional equipment: Trucks must be equipped with red flares, lanterns or reflectors, hand tools, crowbar, rope, broom, shovel, dustpan, fire extinguisher (dry chemical type), portable red taillight and stoplight for towed vehicles, equipment for opening locked vehicles and safety snubber chain. Each tow company shall have at least one set of dollies readily available at all times.
(1999-M-36: § 1)