10.58.040 – Selection and designation of towing services

A.     It is the purpose of this chapter to prescribe regulations for the operation of tow trucks in the removal of motor vehicles which are illegally parked, abandoned, involved in accidents, or which constitute obstructions to traffic or snow removal operations, or which constitute public nuisances.  In enacting this chapter, it is further proposed to provide a fair and impartial means of distributing city requests for towing services among qualified firms, and to insure that such services are prompt and reasonably priced and are provided in the best interests of the public, as well as the interest of efficient removal of said vehicles.  This chapter regulates only towing services dispatched or requested by city personnel.  The provisions hereof shall at all times be subject to applicable statutory requirements and Illinois Commerce Commission regulations and orders pertaining to commercial towing. The provisions for payment are subject to budget and Council approval.  Further, neither the owner or person in control of any vehicle towed nor the owner of any personal property therein may utilize the provisions hereof or have the benefit thereof.

B.      Tow Rotation List - All firms selected and designated to provide towing services hereunder shall be listed on a Tow Rotation List to be kept by the Police Department.  Said Tow Rotation List, of towing firms shall, at all reasonable times, be open to public inspection.

C.      Eligibility - Any firm shall become eligible to be listed on the Tow Rotation LIst and participate in the assignment of service calls by the Police Department if it maintains its principal place of business within five (5) miles of the corporate limits of the City of St. Charles.

D.     Application - Any firm meeting the minimum eligibility requirements set forth in subsection C above may submit an application to the city of St. Charles to participate in emergency police towing operations.  The application shall be in a form provided by the City Clerk, which form shall elicit the information hereinafter set forth.

(1999-M-36: § 1; 2016-M-55: § 1)