10.41.050 – Posting signs

The Director of Public Works is directed to post, or cause to be posted, handicapped parking signs bearing the design and inscription as shown in Exhibit "C", attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter, on file in the office of the City Clerk, and made a part hereof at the following locations:+

  1. Municipal Parking Facility, First Avenue and Main Street, northwest corner, one space as identified and properly signed (last space northwest section of the facility);
  2. Municipal Parking Lot “G,” west of Second Street (Route 31) between State Street and Cedar Street, four spaces as identified and properly signed (first space in the northwest section, last two spaces in the southwest section, and the last space in the southeast section of the facility). See Exhibit PL-G, 10.40.010.
  3. On-street public parking, Cedar Street, with two spaces directly in front of St. Patrick’s Church with one located 98 feet westerly of North Fourth Street and a second located 129 feet westerly of North Fourth Street. Spacing shall be placed such that the two spaces shall be located on opposite sides of a handicapped curb cut located on the northerly side of Cedar Street.
  4. On-street public parking, south Third Street, with one space on the south end of right of way parking (perpendicular) at 826 and 828 south Third Street located immediately north of the alley on the east side of south Third Street.
  5. On-street public parking on North Fourth Street, with one space on the east side facing northbound at 18 North Fourth Street, immediately north of the main entrance.
  6. On street parking on North Second Avenue south of Cedar Avenue, with the northern most space on the west side of the road facing southbound perpendicular to 17 North Second Avenue.

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