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10.41.030 – Handicapped persons - Parking privileges

A motor vehicle bearing registration plates issued to a physically handicapped person pursuant to 625

ILCS 5/11-1301.1 is exempt from any ordinance imposing time limitations on parking in a business district, but otherwise is subject to the laws which prohibit parking in "No Stopping" and "No Standing" zones in front of or near fire hydrants, driveways, public building entrances and exits, bus stops, loading areas, and is prohibited from parking where the motor vehicle constitutes a traffic hazard and the motor vehicle must be moved at the instruction and request of a law enforcement officer to a location designated by the officer. Any motor vehicle bearing registration plates specified in this section or such devices as local authorities have

deemed proper as evidence that the vehicle is operated by or for a handicapped person or disabled veteran may park, in addition to any other lawful place, in any parking place specifically reserved by posting of an official sign for such vehicle. Parking privileges granted by this section are strictly limited to the person to whom the special registration plate or devise was issued and to qualified operators acting under his express direction while the disabled person is present.

(1997-M-119: § 1; 1996-M-53 : § 25; 1984-M-80: § 1; 1980-M-45: § 1 (part))