10.41.010 – Handicapped parking placards

The city shall provide a handicapped motorist placard, which shall be issued to St. Charles residents with a temporary disability. This placard shall be the property of such disabled individual and may be used only by that person to designate and identify a vehicle not owned by that person or not displaying a handicapped registration plate, as provided for in 625 ILCS 5/11-1301.2 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, to designate when the vehicle is being used to transport said disabled person.

Such placard must be prominently displayed by hanging it from the rearview mirror so as to be visible through the front windshield. If no rearview mirror is available, the placard may be prominently displayed on the dashboard or sun visor so as to be visible through the front windshield.

A placard will be issued for a 90-day period to St. Charles residents who have a disability that is temporary in nature and may be renewed once for a like period based upon continued disability. Any resident needing more than one (1) renewal will be referred to the Secretary of State’s Office for a handicapped parking placard.

The temporary placards will follow the same design, color, and size specifications as the placards issued by the Illinois Secretary of State and will have identification of the issuing authority. Temporary placards will be issued for a 90-day period. All individuals with permanent disabilities will be referred to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.

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