10.11.2370 – Riding in business district

  1. No person shall ride a skateboard in the City upon a sidewalk or other City property within the boundaries of Special Service Area 1B except as specified in this section.  For the purposes of this section, “Special Service Area 1B” shall mean the geographic area generally bounded by 5th Avenue on the east, 5th Street on the west, Prairie Street on the south and the railroad tracks/bridge to the north, and as fully set forth in the map attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.
  2. No person shall ride a bicycle upon the sidewalk on Main Street between the east curbline of Second Avenue and the west curbline of Third Street.
  3. No person shall ride a bicycle upon the sidewalk on Riverside Avenue between the north curbline of Illinois Avenue and the south curbline of Cedar Avenue.
  4. No person shall ride a bicycle upon the 1st Street Place.
  5. The Director of Public Works shall place, erect and maintain signs prohibiting the use of skateboards as specified in subparagraph A, B and C above, in such locations identified by the Chief of Police.
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