10.10.060 – Record searches to obtain ownership information - Notification of owner

  1. When the municipal police department does not know the identity of the registered owner or other legally entitled person, they shall cause the motor vehicle registration records of the state to be searched by a directed communication to the Secretary of State for the purpose of obtaining the required ownership information.
  2. The police department shall cause the stolen motor vehicle files of the Illinois State Police to be searched by a directed communication to the Illinois State Police for stolen or wanted information on the vehicle.  When the Illinois State Police files are searched with negative results, the information contained in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) files will be searched by the Illinois State Police.  The information determined from these record searches will be used by the police department in sending a notification by certified mail to the owner or legally entitled person advising where the vehicle is held, requesting a disposition be made and setting forth public sale information.
(1970-M-15: § 6)