1.01.030 – Repeal - Previous provisions - Exemptions

The repeal provided for in Section 1.01.020 shall not affect any offense or act committed or done or any penalty or forfeiture incurred or any contract or right established or accruing before the effective date of such code; not shall such repeal affect any of the following: 

  1. Any ordinance or resolution promising or guaranteeing the payment of money for the city, or authorizing the issuance or any bonds of the city or any contract or obligation assumed by the city; 
  2. Any administrative ordinances or resolutions of the City Council not in conflict or inconsistent with the provisions of such code; 
  3. Any right or franchise granted by any ordinances of the city; 
  4. Any ordinance dedicating, naming, establishing, locating, relocating, opening, paving, widening, vacating, etc., any street or public way in the city; 
  5. Any budget or appropriation ordinances; 
  6. Any ordinances levying or imposing taxes; 
  7. Any zoning ordinance or any amendment thereto; 
  8. Any ordinance establishing or prescribing grades in the city; 
  9. Any ordinance providing for local improvements and making assessments therefor; 
  10. Any subdivision ordinance or amendment thereto;

  11. Any ordinance extending or contracting the boundaries of the city;

  12. Any building ordinance and amendments thereto;

  13. Any electrical ordinances, and any amendments thereto;

  14. Any plumbing ordinance and any amendments thereto;

  15. Any ordinance establishing the boundaries of any wards in the city;

  16. Any ordinance regulating or restricting traffic or parking on particular streets or in particular places;

  17. Such repeal shall not be construed to revive any ordinance or part thereof that has been repealed by a subsequent ordinance which is repealed by the ordinance codified in this chapter.

(1980-M-6: § 3)